This article offers and overview of the nine different "multiple-choice events" the player may run into during a session of Vidiot Game. A multiple-choice event is a bizarre situation in which the player must take an action and will be given three different responses. Note that as with many things in this game, the questions and answers may sometimes be worded in different ways, but the situation will remain the same. The full text for each of these situations is located within res/txt/cinema.txt in the game's files. Multiple-choice events often do not have fixed locations and the background image is chosen at random.

This article also reveals the outcomes of each different action (which are obvious spoilers and thus can be viewed by hovering your mouse over the black box you want to reveal.
Good to know: each event has exactly one option that may lead to your demise (game over), one option that will either harm or drug you, and one option that will make you survive.

List of possible outcomesEdit

Before we start listing the events, here is a list of all possible outcomes from taking action. These codes will be used in the spoilers below.

  • Nothing/live: You survive and can keep playing
  • HURT: You are hurt in one way or another, and your screen will become glitchy. Additionally, the game's difficulty may increase (less time in minigames)
  • DRUG: You survive, but are poisoned or drugged in some way, meaning your game's colours will cycle through all colours of a rainbow constantly, creating a psychedelic visual effect.
  • DEAD: You die. ('YOU DEAD' in the game) (game over)
  • MYST: Similar to the DEAD outcome, you are erased from existence/time/history. (game over)

Rabid dogEdit

The player runs into a rabid dog. Now they may choose to either attack the dog, run from it or try to befriend it.


  • Fighting the dog:
    HURT: You win the fight with the dog, but catch a disease from the wounds gained in the process. The screen will now be glitchy.
  • 'Befriending' the dog
    DEAD: You die because, no shit, dogs cannot be argued with, or befriended, especially not when they're completely mad, and you are mauled by the dog while trying to 'negotatiate' with it. (game over)
  • Running from the dog:
    Live: you flee for the dog for hours (the game will usually display between 2 to 9 hours) from the dog and eventually manage to outrun him. You survive without any damage.

Time genieEdit

You observe a 'ghostly figure' in front of you. This time genie has 'powers over time'. Now you can either ignore it, destroy it or ask for a wish.


  • Ignoring the genie:
    DRUG: The time genie feels enormously disrespected by you ignoring him and is disappointed. This causes your character to have a massive feeling of guilt and shame ('a huge weight on your soul'). The screen will now have a rainbow effect. Difficulty may incrase.
  • Destroying the genie:
    DEAD: You try to destroy the genie, but fail, since the genie, which is a non-corporeal entity, is millions of times stronger than you and has no trouble smiting you to death for attempting to assault it.
  • Asking for a wish:
    Live: Your character asks for a wish (a speech bubble with a gold bar, Bitcoin or escalator appears above your head). The time genie however does not and cannot grant it because it is a genie which does not grant wishes, but say the time of the day, after which it leaves. You move on.

Dead horseEdit

You find a dead horse in front of you. You can either ignore it and continue, attack it, or give it a proper burial.


  • Ignoring the horse:
    HURT: You survive, but the gods are 'disgusted' by you ignoring the horse and your 'lack of respect' for the dead horse (which are apparently held in high-esteem in the Vidiot Game world, and the 'gods' punish those who disrespect them. Your screen is now glitchy.
  • Attack the horse:
    DEAD: This option angers 'the gods' even more. For this action, they promptly destroy you with a lightning bolt. Moral of the story: don't beat dead horses.
  • Give the horse a proper burial:
    Live: Only this option will please 'the gods' and allow you to survive without any damage.

Cheeseburger and needleEdit

You see a rusty needle and a 'pristine' cheeseburger. You can either eat the cheeseburger, pick up the needle (syringe) or just dance.


  • Eating the cheeseburger:
    DEAD: The cheeseburger appeared 'pristine' because it was actually highly radioactive. Shortly after consumption, you die of radiation poisoning.
  • Touching the needle (syringe):
    DRUG: You are contaminated by the mysterious substance in the rusty needle. This means you are now afflicted with the rainbow psychedelic effect on screen.
  • Dance:
    Seeing these two objects reminds you of how mankind has, over the past centuries, completely turned nature in its own advantage and conquered the elements. To celebrate this realisation, you do a jig and you survive.

Insanity/suicidal ideationEdit

Completely mentally and/or emotionally deranged, the player's character will contemplate suicide by jumping off a cliff. You are faced with three options: jump off the cliff, run away from the cliff, or live on the edge of the cliff.


  • Jump off the cliff:
    DEAD: Obviously, plunging into the abyss will lead to your demise and you fall to your death.
  • Run away from your cliff:
    HURT: Because you do not face your fears and reflect on the issues troubling your life, you remain hopeless and/or mentally insane. This will make your screen glitchy.
  • Live on the edge and stare death in the face:
    Live: Facing your fears by pushing yourself to the edge, and living there for 2 to 9 days, is the right choice, as you will succesfully eliminate your demons by contemplation and meditation on the edge. There is a positive message behind this multiple-choice event: do not ignore or run from your fears or your demons, but face them, address them, battle them, even though it may be hard, it will be worth it in the end, for otherwise you may remain forever more tormented and in agony.


A mad swarm of bees is blocking your way. Now what? You have three options: fight the swarm, run from the bees, or join the swarm.


  • Fight the swarm:
    HURT: You manage to succesfully fight off the entire bee swarm, but are inflicted with several bee stings, causing your screen to be glitchy.
  • Run from the swarm:
    DEAD: At first it seems like an ideal escape route, but the bees terrify you so much, that you trip and fall, allowing the bees to sting you to death.
  • Join the swarm:
    Live: In some strange and paranormal way, you manage to 'become one' with the bees and acquire bee powers (bee wings) in the process. However these 'bee powers' seem to be mainly for fun and do not affect anything else in the game. You may even be killed by the bees later in the game if you run into them again, if you choose 'run' on your second bee encounter.


The vortex in front of you is consuming all matter in its path and seems to aim for the destruction of everyone and everything (hint: this includes you)! What will you do? You can either run for your life from the vortex, give up and submit to it or just jump and do a back flip.


  • Run from vortex:
    DRUG: You run as fast as you can in order to not be obliterated by the abyss, and you eventually manage to escape it, but your matter is reassembled incorrectly upon exiting the wormhole, giving you the psychedelic rainbow effect on screen.
  • Submit to vortex:
    MYST: You decide to give up and let the wormhole swallow you whole, but evidently, this leads to your destruction and you are reduced to a 'near-infinite stream of nanoparticles'. (game over)
  • Jump and do back flip:
    Live: In one way or another, doing a back flip will succesfully eradicate the vortex for good. Your back flip will be triumphant.


On a nice and sunny day you run into the real Bigfoot (also named Yeti or Sasquatch). You must now either quietly sneak away, shoot the yeti, or capture him.


  • Quietly sneak away:
    Live: subtly making your away away from the scene was the best choice, and Bigfoot does not notice you, you manage to get away safely.
  • Shoot him:
    JAIL: Although you become a local hero/world-famous/a cool guy for proving the existence of this mythical ape-like creature, you are also sentenced to jail (for life) for murdering it, since they are considered an endangered species. (game over
  • Kidnap Sasquatch:
    HARM: Your attempt at capturing Bigfoot fails and he nearly kills you in the process, but you thankfully barely manage to survive (thanks to your 'superior/grand/excellent constitution'). Your screen is now glitchy.


Picture this. You are in the middle-of-nowhere, in a desert, and you are starving, dehydrated and are in desperate need for some shelter. You are on the brink of death by exhaustion and starvation. Suddenly, you run into Satan/the Devil/The Evil One himself (depicted as a red teddy bear with a yellow pitchfork)! What will you do now? You can choose to ignore Satan and keep going, worship him, or negotiate with Satan.


  • Ignore Satan and carry on:
    DEAD: As the game correctly points out, you may have forgotten that you were starving in the middle of nowhere, and that Satan could have been your only resort to survival, but you choose to ignore it instead, so you perish from exhaustion. (game over)
  • Worship Satan:
    HURT: You begin worshipping Satan, and in the process you must have somehow sacrificed 'an appendage'. Satan is pleased and brings you to safety. But your screen is now glitchy.
  • Negotiate with Satan:
    You make some sort of deal with Satan by letting him afflict you with a strange curse/disease/ailment in exchange for food and shelter. Your screen now has the rainbow cycle effect.